Launch Event: Stretching it out Active Wear

On Wednesday night I attended the launch of Stretching it out Active Wear. 

Held at the beautiful venue ARIA at the waterfront docklands. Hosted by Tiffany Cherry


Stretching it out is based in Melbourne, Australia and caters a fantastic range of fun, creative, funky active wear outfits. Ranging for teens to young ladies covering all areas of sport from dancing, aerobics , gymnastics to dancing wear. 






Creator Nicole Lewis - Jacobs

Explained on the night that she had found a gap in the market. Nicole being a  Physical Education Teacher, Aerobics Champion, and mother of two young boys, Aerobic Instructor, Personal Trainer and Specific Sports Coach herself. She understood the different concepts in the active/sports industry and knew what was missing and from there stretching it out was created! 

Each item is made to perfection with the highest quality materials along with Nicole's  own textile print art work on the lyrcra. They're compression breathable leotards. 


The runway was a fun, hip hop dancing inspired runway, not your typical! There were backflips and twirls from the models who also train in the industry of gymnastics. Which was fun to view the different outfits. It really took me back in time when I use to tap dance as a kid, I know not so much the same but having the music and dancing.

The finale of the runway ended with a fun dance routine with "I got a feeling" By The Black Eyed Peas

Such a fun night, be sure to check out the full range

Thank you

HRPR: Helen Reizer 

Nicole Lewis - Jacobs


Photographer credit: Fiona Hamilton