PR SAMPLES: PR samples are occasionally sent over for consideration on my blog. I only feature products I like or think will be helpful to my readers/viewers. As a result the majority of items shown on le BLONDE FOX are purchased with my own money, anything that is gifted to support a designer it will state it under the blog post, usually with links provided where to purchase the item, along with discount codes. Some clothing is created by fashion students, which I proudly wear to major events for students to gain exposure. 


SPONSORED CONTENT: Sponsored posts may appear on le BLONDE FOX, however these will ALWAYS be clearly marked with "SPONSORED POST" at the end of a blog post. All posts will remain honest, helpful and all words are written by me. 


PHOTOS/CONTENT/DESIGN: All photos, branding and content are created by myself, if photos are shot by a photographer, their links or company name will be stated.