Krystianna Dower


Meet Kangan fashion design student Krystianna. She has been currently studying at Kangan Tafe, just recently completing her Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology.  Krystianna will be commencing her next fashion chapter studying the Advanced Diploma next year at Kangan.  

Today she gives an insight on student life. From internships to assignments  and her passion for fashion illustrations. 


Krystianna tells us so far her experience studying fashion design at Kangan,and her hopes and dreams within in fashion the industry 

Your about to complete your Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology, how has your fashion design studying journey been? Tell us the up’s and downs, the things you've learnt most since your time at Kangan? 

 I have learnt so much in the past two years while studying at Kangan. I didn’t just learn how to sew, pattern make and design, I learnt life skills and independence. I moved out of home to Melbourne from a small town to follow my chosen career path of fashion design when I was only 16. It has been an incredible journey of highs and lows. Time management was a big thing, the pressure was full on but in the end it was all worth it and would not of had it any other way.  

Have you completed any internships since studying? If so what did you learn? 

 I completed two weeks of work experience. One week with Melissa Jackson Millinery and one week at Arthur Galan. I learnt the pressures of the Industry and how there are no second chances. It is a non-stop industry. I was lucky enough to work at Arthur Galan during the time of Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival.     

What do you aspire/ hopes/ dreams to eventually be in the fashion game? 

 I would love to be able to make a living of my illustrations it is my absolute passion, I hope to one day have my own studio and freelance. I am also in love with designing. I am quiet interested in swimwear, and while returning to Kangan next year to complete my Advanced Diploma I am looking forward to creating a swimwear collection. 

Your illustrations are amazing, how did you learn to draw was it a talent or a certain process you do to create your fashion illustrations? 

 As a little kid I used to travel a lot with my family, which meant a lot of hours spent in the car with heaps of paper, pencils and markers. I used to pretend to design for Roxy, Billabong, Rusty and all of those popular brands. Ever since then I’ve been designing, it wasn’t until I was 15 when I really started to improve on my drawings. I drew portraits and just really focused a lot on the detail. My art teacher in year 10 would always say that drawing did not come naturally to me. Now I would be lost if i could’t draw it just comes so naturally. Ive improved immensely, especially in the past 6 months. If you want to be good at something you just have to keep going at it everyday, and there is always room for improvement.



Most difficult thing you've had to learn since studying fashion design?

 I would usually say sewing or pattern making, as they are definitely not my stronger subjects, but probably learning time management. There is no time to think in the fashion industry, and you usually have to go with the first idea that pops in to your head, just to get everything done in time. I find this hard as I constantly change design ideas almost weekly. In the past 6 months I feel like this is something I am learning fast and probably one of the most important things you need to learn. 

Also do you have any side projects at the moment?

At the moment I don’t have any side projects, I need about 3 weeks of sleep to recover from finishing my course! Although I am studying a business diploma on the side, and I also draw/illustrate any chance I get.

Anyone you aspire or look up to in the design industry?

 Toni Maticevski. I am in love with his designs and how unique he is. Toni's attention to detail is incredible. It is important to stay true to yourself especially when fashion is an industry full of companies stealing ideas, and you will usually find the same garment in about 5 different stores. There are a lot of people out there doing the same thing. Toni’s garments are art, there different and I love that. 

And what keeps you motivated through out your studying as we all know fashion design can be quiet difficult at times! What keeps you in there? - It has been extremely tough to stay motivated throughout this course. It is easy to fall off course and quit. Although the pressure of it all excites me, there is a fine line between it being fun and too much. The person who motivated me would be my mum. Whenever I felt down and I couldnt do it anymore, she always reminded me why I started and how it was all going to be worth it in the end, she always picked me up when I was down. My mum is the one who made sure I never gave up. She was right and I would do it all over again. 

Favourite part about being a designer ?

 Designing of course, and also illustrating my designs. My favourite feeling is after working so hard on your design and seeing the end result, it is so rewarding! 



For your final collection, what was your inspiration behind it ?  What materials did you use and what was the process?

 Our brief for the final collection was to design a range of outfits that was created using pre-loved Red Cross garments, to promote sustainability. The inspiration behind my collection was the art movement minimalism, focusing on photography of landscapes, and the colours of a sunset over the ocean. To mix it up a bit, I also researched architectures and was interested in the line work. This lead me to dye an old bed sheet I bought from Red Cross the colours of my mood board and to smock the fabric to represent the line work of the architecture. 

Advice to anyone wanting to study your course? 

 It is honestly one of the best courses to study if you want to get in to the fashion industry. It is very hands on and and you learn so much. The teachers there are incredible. The course is especially good if your a beginner, and have never even a touched a sewing machine before. Thats one of the things I loved about the course we could all be of different age, but we all started at the same place.


Quick Foxy Questions! 


If i could go anywhere right now i'd go to…….. Europe for sure! I actually leave in 8 weeks for my holiday over there, would be nice if it was sooner:)

heels or flats? Heels for sure

My favourite item in my wardrobe? At the moment my new Sass & Bide knits I got second hand from Red Cross, I got one in black and beige and they go with everything. 


Pasta or Pizza? Thats a hard one I love them both, but probably pasta!

Special Thanks to Krystianna xxx 


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Student Feature BRITTNEY ANN Meet current fashion design student Brittney Hunt. She currently attends Kangan Tafe Richmond campus.

I met Brittney at Stage Label MSFW event. Her collection Brittney Ann was showcased on the night. I had quickly interviewed Brittney backstage.We instantly connected apart from both having attended the same tafe but as well her beautiful and friendly personality.

Her inspiration and ideas were magnificent, as she explained that an aboriginal elder had taught her to grass weave.

Below Brittney explains more in depth about herself and the collection.


How long have you wanted a career in fashion?  My Whole life!

Before Kangan had you previously studied anything else?
 Before Kangan I completed my VCE along with completing a short course for retail.


You’re currently a student at Kangan Tafe in your third year of your advanced diploma of design, tell us more about your current experience with Kangan and what you have achieved since attending Kangan.

When I look back I have learnt so much and although the experience has been stressful it's also been very enjoyable. There is such amazing people at Kangan who have surrounded me having contributed to this beautiful experience. Most of the teachers at Kangan are fantastic. My favourite being Tunku who is my sewing and pattern making teacher. Kangan also organized a scholarship at a partnering school Yogyakarta state University for my class. This was an incredible experience.

When I met you was this your first fashion show? Was it your first collection on show to the public? 

No it was my third, I have also exhibited in two shows for MSFW by ARTZ.

How did you come up with the idea to use the materials you used?  and why? 

My collection is based around textures, as it's called 'Textured Androgyny'. So I based my decision on the tactile feeling of all the materials. All the velvets and the minky dot, not only did they feel soft but they also had a sense of warmth about the material, which I needed for this winter collection. I also tried to choose sustainable natural fabrics as much as I could in acceptation of the velvets. I made the pants out of sand washed silk because of light luxurious feel and the fall of the fabric. I was also always going to use my grass weave, not only because it has this harsh texture, which is intriguing, but because I wanted to showcase the aboriginal culture in my collection. It is truly Australian and I value you this as an Australian designer. We must look at our history and our roots before we move forward.


What gives you inspiration? 

Anything and everything can gives me inspiration. Specifically for this collection I was inspired by such designers as Lanvin and Alexander McQueen, their dark sense of fashion and mostly androgynous silhouettes are very intriguing to me. I mirrored this in the androgynous silhouettes of my garments and subtle over sexualizing cross darts over the bust. I felt in recent times that women show off every body part to 'catch' a mans attention. I wanted to bring back women dressing for themselves. I was obviously also inspired by the aboriginal culture as you can see by the grass weaving, and in my circular dotted knits that have not been released yet.

Have you completed any internships? 
 Sadly I haven't, because I have been so busy with work and school. It is a full time job but I am currently seeking one!

What are your goals would you like to be an independent brand or work for a brand? 

Honestly I would love to work for myself and develop my own brand and style of clothing, but I think I need to work for someone else's brand to develop my skills. School is very different from a company and I would enjoy learning more in a company/head office experience. Although I would love to be involved with anything having to do with fashion, no matter what it is as long as I am in the industry I know I will love it.


Advice for anyone who is currently studying fashion?

If you are not completely passionate about it, then I do advise not to go ahead with studying fashion. As it requires a lot of dedication and long hours. Although if you are passionate about fashion then go for it. Don’t let others tell you that you won’t succeed, push forward because it’s not up to others, it’s wholly placed on your shoulders where you want to be and how to achieve your dreams. Also don't let your teachers or peers opinion change your point of view of your collection, because to be a fashion designer it is to show your own opinion through clothing and this is what makes you an individual in the massive sea of designers out there.


Special thanks to Brittney xx