Micky In The Van A/W 2015

Estelle's beautiful boutique salon show was breathtaking.

not one dull moment! The event was held in her enchanting store, as always such a beautiful atmosphere. 


There were cute cakes, fizzy drinks and bloggers, fashionistas in immense chit chat. 

Everyone was excited, as finally after all Estelle's hard work it was finally to be revealed.


As we sat in our seats, we were all given a handmade candle that Estelle's mum had created. We didn't know what to expect until all silent, Kristine ( the human chameleon) Came out and intro'd the night… as we didn't know what to except! 


We were in for a show- A ballerina and opera singer came out and situated in the middle of the chairs. The performance really set the mood for the night. 



Quote Estelle "My designs are my wearable world. I am the narrator and I write my narrative through the clothes I design. They tell my story. It's the only way I know how to share my voice. Like a painter, the female form is my blank canvas and similar as a painter applies each brushstroke on his canvas. I am able to tell my story, piece by piece dressing the female figure" 


And thats what Estelle did

Estelle dressed the model live, from a black canvas piece by piece to tell us a story. 


Her pieces came to life they were beautiful. She also perfected the female figure. A vibe of  the parisian life- the old world and new, together creating such beautiful and elegant pieces. 



With oohing and ahhing around the crowd and nods of approval from savvy fashionistas, bedazzled by Estelle's work. 

Estelle  collaboration with  Kristine from the human chameleon which accessorised with wooly hats and bonnets complimenting each outfit.


Seeing Estelle in action, dressing her model (Rona Nguyen) was extraordinary  as Estelle was in her element.  Showing us her artist skills live, her creativity and artistic vibes as a designer filled the room as you too could feel the passion that estelle has. Her work was more than just a designer but a true artist. 


I was blown away, it really was like seeing an artist paint live, but even better.. seeing the garments come to life…. 


Thank you Estelle for a grand night! Truly a memorable one at that.

Photo credit: Helen Reizer