Iris Footwear; Winter Edit.

Hey foxes… 
It's still winter days down under, so I'm embracing my winter threads before it's too hot to handle them.

Although I think it's like two weeks till spring? Guess i'll have to shred the winter coat then. (haha) 

But…..If you didn't know.. I LOVE shoes.

Give a fox a pair of boots and this fox is in love. 

Who needs a perfect boyfriend when you have the perfect shoes right? My love doesn't just stop there for shoes, I have a total love affair happening with boots during winter. Boots with all sorts of detail and when I was able to style these beauties from Iris footwear… my heart literally skipped a beat. Because I fell in love all over again. 

These boots have the perfect block heel, great for all day wear along with the addition of a gold buckle, giving it a dressy sophisticated look… great to piece for any occasion. From casual day to dinner. 

And guess what… they don't cost a paw and a tail…they're on sale for only $95! Total bargain for such beautiful boots! 
CLICK HERE if you want a pair too! 

Fox hunt


 Just as expected our lovely summer days have made a sudden change back to winter. Typical Melbourne

I decided to team up my leopard heels as well as my leopard shirt, don't shy away to add these two statement pieces together.

STYLE NOTE  If you team up a pattern or print item together with a base block colour, it'll compliment well with each other. E.g. There is black within the leopard print so i'll wear a black T-shirt and black pants to make the print pop. Same goes with any print find the main colour within the print and block colour it.

As for myself I love leopard, sometimes I can go overboard!

I found this shirt from the Dangerfield outlet, which was an absolute steal for $10. Shop around ladies you'll be surprised what you will find! Sometimes i won't deny i do splurge, but tis the season to be broke, christmas and all the bills seem to come flying in during this period of time.

My heels I purchased these a year or so ago, but you'll be able to find a similar pair. I don't wear heels too often, but when I do I want to rise above and feel sexy and confident.

When it comes to leather jackets, i've had this one from Gorman nearly two years. They're an investment piece although i do collect leather jackets. They're timeless pieces you won't look back once you purchase one. Keep an eye out for one and if you can't afford it at the minute there is always lay-by! Don't think I buy everything new, I collect everythingI buy and piece them together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my lovely foxes and thank you for following me i have big things in store next year stay tuned xx Adriana

 Hat// Bardot // Leopard shirt // Dangerfield sample // Jacket // Gorman // Pants // Watson x Watson // Shoes // Ninewest

Walk This Way


Details //Top Witchery // jacket witchery //Leather pants watsonxwatso// Wallet oroton // necklace witchery 

Style notes// White and gold accessories or even rose gold will complete an outfit if you're wearing mostly white outfits. 

Photographer// Defiant Arts