New age 70's

Hello fellow foxes! 

If you haven't heard by now, but the seventies are back, but back in a new age modern way. 

I use to wear flares when I went to primary school,  now it's a tough mission finding the right ones for you that won't make you feel like that! Ha

These ones are from Mossman and it's just the beginning of this influx of flares to hit. 

From casual to evening, that's what I love about the flares.

What have I been doing you ask? I've been a little bit busy in the fox office as we have some fun and exciting concepts in store to show you! 

Other than that I'm finally on Uni mid break before it gets into full gear, and before you know it'll be Christmas again….. 


Oh and we just finished up on MSFW…… so be sure to check that coverage out here

Style edit: 
Jacket: Riverisland
Pants: Mossman

Shoes: Therapy shoes Swift  

Watch: Christian Paul Watches

Chat soon foxes! xxx