Shanghai Suzy

Shanghai Suzy has just come out with her bold and beautiful Autumn winter 2015 lipstick collection.

As the months get colder we tend to change our lipstick shades to warmer tones.
Winter days can be so blue, so why not brighten up your mood with a dash of lipstick!

Shanghai Suzy's new range features 8 shades including 5 matte, 1 nourish, and 2 shimmer shades. 
The matte and nourish formulas are infused with jojoba seed oil to help avoid dryness for the winter months.  

There is a special addition to this season collection which was the first "Mrs" in the collection, as in the past the lipsticks have been all " Miss". Mrs French Maroon was created by Shanghai Suzy founder Joanna Wheaton. Jo wore this colour during her own wedding reception,  who married in march and became Joanna French. Congratulations xx!  

What I  love about these lipsticks is the sweet scent they have. All of them smell like grape bubble gum!
Here are three different looks I've come up with using the winter range.

Swatches of all eight different shades! 

Mrs French
Mrs French, is a bold rich deep maroon colour. This look is a powerful look, and having a darker lip and darker eyes is fine way to go. It's a real sexy elegant colour from desk to dinner!  


Miss Cassandra
  It's a beautiful classic go-to lipstick, It's a pretty neutral colour oh and it's nourishing too!
A simple winged eyeliner, mascara, brows and your ready to go! 

Miss Victorine. 

Look no further I've found your classic red lipstick that you've been hunting down for! This bold red lip is creamy and luscious. It's not too dark and not too light it's just right!  This read really gives that old hollywood glamour look.  Ive got a simple smokey eye and the red lipstick is the cherry on top! 

I hope this has inspired you don't be afraid of darker colours! If you're trying a new colour out that you aren't use to, wear it around your house to get used to that colour. After you feel confident then show the world how beautiful your statement lips are! 

You can purchase these beauties for only $12.95 from

   Special Thanks to Jo - Shanghai Suzy xxx 

Spring Fling


It's springtime and it's time to give up our black attire. The time for colour is upon us.From my recent adventure to London town I picked up some new threads.
 Colour was all around me & peg pants were a hit. 
It motivated and inspired me to brighten up for the season.


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