Iris Footwear; Winter Edit.

Hey foxes… 
It's still winter days down under, so I'm embracing my winter threads before it's too hot to handle them.

Although I think it's like two weeks till spring? Guess i'll have to shred the winter coat then. (haha) 

But…..If you didn't know.. I LOVE shoes.

Give a fox a pair of boots and this fox is in love. 

Who needs a perfect boyfriend when you have the perfect shoes right? My love doesn't just stop there for shoes, I have a total love affair happening with boots during winter. Boots with all sorts of detail and when I was able to style these beauties from Iris footwear… my heart literally skipped a beat. Because I fell in love all over again. 

These boots have the perfect block heel, great for all day wear along with the addition of a gold buckle, giving it a dressy sophisticated look… great to piece for any occasion. From casual day to dinner. 

And guess what… they don't cost a paw and a tail…they're on sale for only $95! Total bargain for such beautiful boots! 
CLICK HERE if you want a pair too!